Author Topic: game soundtracks that totally SLAP  (Read 349 times)

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say undetale and you die

most of the mario kart games honestly
the half life games got some pretty kickass tunes
left 4 dead 1 ‘n 2
team fortress 2
the neverhood and skullmonkeys
silent hill 2
deadly premonition
old school runescape

f1 2015
MGS series
DiRT rally
trackmania canyon
half life series

Darkest Dungeon
The End is Nigh
Enter the Gungeon [playlist]
The Floor is Jelly
Flywrench [playlist]
Heavy Bullets [playlist]
Hyper Light Drifter
Lethal League Blaze [playlist]

also crypt of the necrodancer and super hexagon, but you knew that
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um? halo 1-3? you stupid bitches

lisa unironically forgetin slaps and so does the fan made music

le perv and roller mobster forget stuff ass bitch XXXXXXXX