Author Topic: My worries about Blockland as of now  (Read 10537 times)

i honestly think its the terrible servers that are ruining the game. everyone gets tired of merps and free builds and medieval rps. if there were better servers then there would be a lot more people playing it, then those people can make the bad servers.

the game is dying because its player retention is horrible. its player retention is horrible because vanilla blockland is hard to get into. vanilla blockland is hard to get into because it's a bad game. vanilla blockland is a bad game because it's extremely barebones and requires mods to actually have a decent experience playing it.

there's also a learning curve for creating anything that makes the game fun, so people who can't or don't want to learn the stuff required to make the game fun rely on other people to make content for it, and that only goes so far. blockland is essentially just a chatroom with some building mechanics, so it's only really fun as long as there are enough people playing it.
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electrk hit it on the head. now blockland is retarded and will never get back up.

Removing maps significantly raised the floor for making something fun. I feel like that's a part of it.

Ever since people have been getting the news of Brickadia Alpha 4 being out, I've been worried that Blockland's community would take a hefty dip in active players. We've been on a decline already and we're pretty much doing nothing to stop it too, and the only thing I can come up to fix that is to just host. I don't care what it is, but if you have an old project you abandoned, don't be afraid to pick it back up and resume work on it to see how people would enjoy it.
Not to mention something as simple as throwmod can boost your server to the top in a few hours.

I don't know what to put here currently, so I'll just summarize it here
TL;DR, if you want to bring Blockland back together, host. Be creative with what you host too, it can range from a gamemode or just a silly freebuild with an assortment of addons.

The only solution is to contact youtubers and hype brickadia, thats the only way we are gonna revive this game, go talk to any gamer youtuber that has over 10.000 subs. Yes we might get a lot of dumb kids, but also a lot of players!