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Gautier/Gautier00 (7148/222794)

For three years, a user named Gautier has been copying and stealing ideas from Jayce behind his back. Regardless of any passive approaches, Gautier simply ignores them, refabricating Jayce’s content as his.

Gautier/Gautier00 (7148) is a Blockland content creator and the owner of the Fraternize Arcade & The Saloon discord groups.
He was a former friend of Jayce [Leidoffon] and several people in the Tavern discord group such as DeadFromHeaven, Redconer, Slimebrik, Crankie, AdzDuffRain [Grassy] and many more.
Gautier has gone under multiple aliases such as Jace and Thoopje.

WHAT did he do?
Plain and simply put- he’s obsessed with Jayce and his content, constantly copying whatever Jayce does soon after, whether it’s hats, game modes, add-ons, builds, etc.
One example of this behavior is Gautier’s game mode, Crystalscape and its sequel. More detailed information will be listed below.
His level of obsession has been reaching the point where it can be considered stalking, it has annoyed and made many people in and outside The Tavern discord group uncomfortable.
Not only does Gautier mimic the content Jayce creates, but he also makes excuses for why he does it.

WHEN did this start?
The earliest we have on hand of Gautier starting his recreations starting is on  April 11th, 2017. Gautier had a public server hosted known as “Mystic Quest.” Some of the maps had huge resemblance to Jayce’s first version of Dungeon Raiders. Specifically, the level known as the Ocean Temple.
The pictures below show the similarities between the first Dungeon Raiders and Mystic Quest (Pictures from both Adz Duff Rain and DeadFromHeaven. Please note the quality and pattern of build.)

Left is Jayce’s build (Ocean Temple from Dungeon Raiders 1), Right is Gautier’s replication (Water Temple/Great Bay from Crystalscape).
Regardless of your opinion on the game modes or build quality, the plagiarism is quite apparent.


Around this time, Jayce was hosting Dungeon Raiders 2 typically on weekends. Most of the days the gamemode was hosted, Gautier was frequently unable to play the gamemode due to having work and other obligations at the same time.
It’s worth noting that at this time Dungeon Raiders 2 was not working very well and commonly had issues between rounds. Gautier had a proposition;

In exchange for helping to fix the issues in Dungeon Raiders 2, he wanted to be able to host the gamemode Privately for his own group. Jayce agreed on that condition.

As shown above, Gautier did in fact end up hosting it publicly a couple months later, even adding more content of his own to it.

This has been an issue for years now; for Jayce and for others involved. This is less about demonizing Gautier and ownership of IP’s. as opposed to airing out the dirty laundry that has been on some of our minds since it started. Not only did he steal from Jayce, he stole from others too, and it was never a matter of if, but when.

First drama in a while boys

One of the weirdest things Gautier has done is replicate a hat of a joke OC Jayce made called Pissed Off Percy, and mistaken the joke OC as Baldi from Baldi's Basics?

Here is Jayce's model

And here is Gautier's replica

Man, Gautier...
Dude, this guy goes to some levels to copy Jayce. Even going as far as to learn how to model just so he can copy his hats.
I mean, look at this stuff.
Original (Jayce)                                                                                              Copy (Gautier)

And like, this is only a small fraction of what this dude does.

forget, premature post. I forgot to post Jayce's original. Here it is:

I have been BoS on all of Gautier's servers JUST BECAUSE I associated with the tavern. Maybe he wanted to cover his tracks? Makes you think why...

Gautier seems like a strange guy in general. Idk why he thinks it's so cool to straight-up rip off people's ideas like this.

What's mystifying is that he clearly has the talent to make his own stuff but latched onto copying Jayce and only everything Jayce does.

i remember when gautier would get loving pissed at the idea of me hosting dixmiggie 3 although me asking him on occasion for help with bugs with the gamemode probably didnt help things either