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Okay, I want to address the whole name situation because clearly its not understood as to where the nickname "Jace" came from, because it never came from Jayce, its not like I just happened to take it and take away a letter to add some sort of "originality" to it. Specially the idea of this obsession with Jayce is absurd, I'm a fan of his work, definitely that's a given its blatantly obvious. However I'm not obsessed with him nor am I at the point in my life where I'm having a life crCIA where I'm stealing his name to portray myself as him. So I'm gonna cut this down for everybody to understand so there is no misconception and why I'm called Jace by so many others. The name was given to me by a partner a long time ago, way before I even knew Jayce was I called this. For the last I'd say 7 years I've been called this and by coincidence, way before I met Jayce I was still called this name.
this defense take is actually impressive when you take OP's evidence into account lmao

the worst crime gautier committed was having an unpronounceable name

to be fair im only playing devil's advocate because i'm super loving bored right now. in all honesty this dude's a creep
I forgot to mention that Gautier has also lied to deceive and manipulate Jayce to do anything for him to help Gautier replicate content.  So not only is he creeping on Jayce, but he's done so to manipulate him.

the worst crime gautier committed was having an unpronounceable name

haha english and its silly sound for G. almost as wack as putting words in the alphabet

i thought it was pronounced like gautiay like on some french ass stuff

frankly making a whole drama like this about it as if it's destroying his lifes work is kinda blowing it out of proportion.
The fact of the matter is it was stressing Jayce and others out, because every time he tried to do something original and fun, Gautier would swoop in and make a Great Value version of it and host it more often, especially since Jayce has to work nowadays and doesn't have much time to host himself. It's slimy as hell.

Nothing's being blown out of proportion. It would be blown out if we absolutely disemboweled him, which I wanted to do, but didn't. We have given him every opportunity to plead his case and he's fell through at all times until we brought it up here, but his actual defenses now aren't much to look at either.

the worst crime gautier committed was having an unpronounceable name
"go" "tier"

own up to your excessively creepy actions already
naw that costs 120 pride and he only got 370 so he can't afford it

Jesus Christ this entire stuffuation is just one giant bruh moment
that aside this is all really richardish, I don't really know how else to put it

This whole situation is ridiculous and no one seems to benefit on either side. When you sum this whole situation up someone stole something and acted creepy on a block game. stuff is stupid.