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For those of you who missed it last year or were not able to solve the mystery, the haunted mansion is back for another halloween

Built in the early 1900's by John Brickbower this house would seem like a dream come true for most folks. Not for the Brickbowers'. John and Ellen Brickbower were a young rich couple in love, and John wanted nothing more than to show his deep affection for his wife by building an entire mansion dedicated to her. So he did just that. Unfortunately this house...or the very ground it sat on seemed to be cursed....

The Haunted Mystery Mansion is a horror-puzzle challenge in which you must solve various clues to escape. Each player gets 13 minutes inside of the mansion. If you do not escape within the time limit, the house eats you alive (you die). Players are to line up at the front gate of the mansion and wait their turn. You may have as many run throughs as you want, just be sure to return to the back of the line after your turn is over.

The server will be hosted starting October 20th through October 31st. The hosted time will begin at 4 PM EST and end at midnight

Here are a few pictures

The entrance gate

A zoomed out view of the whole build

TRIVIA: The build design is loosely based on Stephan King's Rose Red

We hope to see you there. Have a happy spooooky halloween everyone :)

Yeah very nice build, and sounds fun. I gotta try this one out

cant wait to check it out just remind me

a big thanks to all the players that attended the grand re-opening! the server will resume again near it's scheduled time, we hope to see you there


I'll beat it this time for sure

Jumped in during the Halloween Afterparty. I absolutely loved it.

While there was really only one scary moment to it overall, it was definitely fun to play and play a bit of puzzle solving. I was a little sad no one jumped in too.

My critiques on it is to up the creep factor through the number of traps and use of music. Otherwise, the build was phenomenal!
Keep at it Goth. I'd love to help on working something like this some time!