Author Topic: Can someone make a script that changes all corner bricks to 1x1 and 1x2 bricks?  (Read 393 times)

As you can see with the bricks I highlighted white, they aren't suppose to be rotated this way because the bls to brs doesn't work properly.

so can someone please make a script that replaces all my corner bricks with 1x1 and 1x2 bricks in the bls so I can import it to brickadia without my build getting ruined?

Otherwise I have to go and hand edit 10,000+ corners in brickadia. Not to mention I am missing several bricks because of the overlap caused by the rotation.

Thank you.

probably easier to use regex to edit your blockland save file, assuming every single corner brick needs to be rotated once in the same direction

or do you want to rotate the bricks to be the right directions?
but yeah, should be pretty easy to do with a script or find+replace in notepad