Author Topic: your favorite/most remembered servers  (Read 6687 times)

/Wentworth's Large CityRP
\Diggy's Metropolis RP
Mr Wallet's RoB
Moogleboss's TF2 TDM
Any project with Colleagues
Custard's skycraper cityrp thing
The Block Parties 2009-2013
The Bounty Hunter servers
Any CityRP server where I could tear it up with Sylvanor or Hoogle

BAC's town build. fav server to jump around and explore dope builds. actually really got me into the game and interested in building back then.

That's odd, I should remember seeing you there but I can't really (I know it was the first time I met ANT). Was THE server back then, also the one to really get me into the game.

sleven forget you for saying loserhero and Colleagues i was not ready for that kind of nostalgia

also MrCookie's projects/servers were always a blast

my non-dedicated servers i'd host a million years ago and leave on over night to come back to a wholesome history of activity while I was asleep.

its ok i miss blockoworld too ;)

there's a few servers i literally miss and cannot recreate because either lost save files or does not work with the latest version of BL:

AviAlliance - this was mack's flying clan at the time (after blockintosh) the only thing i miss was the fact we used rtb isles for the airport islands, so it made it fun to island hop from one airport to another. this was also the reason why the jetpack mod was ever created, it was for the clan free flight server

Tape's skiing clan - another instance of a vehicular style clan where the server was on kitchen and the whole thing was covered in ramps and other objects to ski on. hilariously fun and i somehow made it into the clan then.

Jogur's Dogfight - holy stuff how can i not include this?!?! too many fun memories on that server.

when i did new years 2010 and 2011 - ok this is a weird one to pick but i do have to say i really want to just look back after 10/9 years of that. the 2010 one was just a box with lights and a dance floor, working print clock, and ELEVATORS!!! kalphiter was involved for this year's NYE. 2011 was more of a light show experiment and was a blast even though my upload speed was trash.

BlockoWorld. All years. - YEAH OK I MISS IT. there's no way i can ever recreate this event ever since clans are essentially dead. i have recently loaded up all of the blockoworld on brickadia for the hell of it, and just looking back at how crazy it was to actually coordinate such a event when i was practically a teenager blows my mind. i've tried crazy ideas recently but there's really no traction for these kind of events anymore. i will mention a few key things about blockoworld that i thought was cool. the 2009 show was pretty lit and i didn't have enough space, but block wars was there and that blew my mind then (the video was practically new at the time). i still remember we had a teamspeak 2 set up for blockoworld, and zoneark happened to be in it. he had a burger stand, i went up to it and he went on voice and said, "hey, want a burger?" and i was like, "sure." he comes out of the booth, puts down a 2x2 round down, paints it brown, and just sits on it. 2010 i remember was another nutty year because someone opened the server up early. in fact, i had someone call me on my actual phone about this (i think it was surburb.) other than that, was a dope show. 2011 was another box situation to accommodate for more booths, and IMO this was probably the best year we ever had. 2012 was the last official blockoworld, was smaller, and felt right. i tried a few more times but after that year it was done and over with, there's just not enough traction to do it. i'd love to do it again. i wish i could.

Any of the old dogfights (especially the island, archipelago, and snow ones)

red_guy's unlimited mining
prison escape (tezuni)

But especially:
my own server from when i first joined BL in 2013

Also, a lot of Sailor Man and Kreon's servers from 2013-15, and pretty much everything the BNFB clan ever did. (AviAlliance was a bit before my time, iirc.) My own airport RP/build server from around that time (don't have the save :( ) had a lot of regulars that I have really fond memories of, and the second iteration of the build/server got a lot of traffic from BNFB members, which is how I ended up joining them in the first place. The main reason I ever stopped playing BL was because I lost contact with a ton of server regulars/friends that I never had on Skype or anything, just RTB messages. (I still remember the feeling in my gut when I found out RTB was down for good.)

Any CityRP server where I could tear it up with Sylvanor or Hoogle

Thanks you pal

I miss having an active community of city builders. I used to host servers often but haven't played in years now. (I'm James in-game)

I miss having an active community of city builders. I used to host servers often but haven't played in years now. (I'm James in-game)
loving JAMES

im gonna lose my mind (rip nwb)

Facechild's LSD
Conan's Dannybuild
That one randomizer in the freightyard

I remember back in around 2017 I played on Visolator's Randomizer server. Good stuff.

Also Tezuni's Prison Escape & Slopes CTF were pretty fun too.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

The BAN server, with Ace drunkenly putting together another cruiser.
A full Klendathu Drop server, zombies pouring from the colony buildings.
The autistic anguish of ARES space rp.

All those screenshots, lost in time like tears in the rain.

Time to die.

klendathu drop was the best, remember that server/map so well