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I recently got cinematic shaders working on my computer and decided to take some pictures of my mini empires town.  Setting is futuristic, ~2200 AD in a savannah biome.  Included in the town is a hangar facility, farms, trees, and town stuff idk.  made in mid or late 2018 i honestly cant remember

all pictures were taking using ZSNO's Performance shaders with Hata's shader toggle.  colorset is Enn's development colorset but this was originally built with a custom colorset so the colors are a bit off.

overview of the town

town center

can you spot the man painting?

loading bays and behind the scenes of the town

some houses, come on earl wtf

rural areas


dangerous giant crab nest

night overview

im a slut for lens flares

hangar facility, overview of a tiltrotor VTOL in construction.  the town was commissioned by another settlement to build it but it was too big for the hangar, hence its being made outside

putting on the massive engines

hangar facility offices and generators

view of the skylights and unfinished storage hangars to the left

rear angle of the hangar, including the second engine for the tiltrotor

smaller craft being assembled within the hangar at the same time

another angle, note the offices connect to the inside of the hangar

hangar yards, with two decommissioned vtols, one being refueled to fly again

also included is my factory which i never finished

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I like it, all the buildings look good n futuristic


We meet again, revolorp.

idk who this revolorp guy is but thx for the colorset babe its good

god this is so freaking cool. the DOF makes the toybox effect on freaking point

idk who this revolorp guy is but thx for the colorset babe its good
yw daddy

i like this, this is cool