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drydess the absolute savage

Here is a selection of 16 out of the 110 songs I have added to my playlist since october 15th


Tasty rap, love this album, if you like deathgrips and deep alternative rap/hiphop then hit this stuff

High Priest of Saturn - The Flood of Waters

Atmospheric rock, this whole album is very similar and is worth a listen if you're in the mood for this one

Blood Command - (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds

Alternative electronic rock, love the flow of this song and the different styles all combined into the single song, the trumpets at the beginning are also lovely

GUM - The Blue Marble


Alon Mor - Flame Devourer

Electronic noise music with breaky drums, alon mor does some crazy noise music


Chiptune Metal, this whole album forgets for the love of god if you love metal and chiptune check out MBR also check out his other venture "Keygen Church" if you want CHURCH ORGAN CHIPTUNE METAL

Mark Guiliana - GIRL

Alternative house electronic, if you like this and have never heard of the artist check out some of their other stuff

Matt Duncan - The Frankenstep

Vampire dance pop, this song is really cute and fun

Paul White - The Doldrums

Psychedelic indie, this song samples a reading of the children's book 'the phantom tollbooth', its pretty interesting

Champagne Drip - Oni

Brostep absolutely dripping sloppy bass, definitely not your typical dubstep, a lot of varied sections

Ariel Pink - White Freckles

70s-80s lofi pop radio styled dance music about skin cancer

Elvin Jones - Agappe Love

Avant-Garde Flute centric jazz, I LOVE flute jazz

Polyphia - Nasty

Solo centric rock, Polyphia's music all sounds similar but its all really good

Joywave - Obsession

Indie Dance, this is probably one of the most popular artists on this list am a fan of their music but this song has a really feels good vibe

Vince Staples - Yeah Right

Hip-hop Heavy Rap, some of vince staple's music is too lyric heavy for me and doesn't put enough emphasis on the baseline/too much hihat but this song is a clear exception and hits hgard

The Avalanches - The Wozard of Iz

Alternative rap, this song has a lot of interesting history of the moog synth behind it if you want to read up on it

how has no one posted blitzkrieg bop yet