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Oh, condolences to you. It must be hard knowing that, especially because you were old enough to remember her and all that. Very sad.

I'm not really sure what I could tell you, is there any other family you hold in high regard that could take you in? Perhaps an aunt, or cousin?
i have close friends

also today started kinda stuffty but its pretty damn good

This is pretty forgeted up. You have to immediately start working on finding money, a place to store that money and find a way out of there.

If you don't have a bank account get one, maybe even without your parents knowing, they don't need to know that's not their business.  If you can walk to work DO IT, (If you have a car loving perfect) get a job and start saving. You have 2 years according to your profile before you can get the hell out of there, Save up a couple grand. (Or 3 months of expenses when you can finally settle and figure it out how much that costs)

If you get a full time job you'll be netting over $450 roughly a week, you can pay for a multi bedroom rental with this much money. (You'll want roommates. I own a home and have roommates)

Look up staffing companies near you, they hire people for other companies and get a commission on it so they WANT to hire you.

I'm 23, I'm 1/3 of the way through life, you can love your parents but do it from afar if they're destroying your happiness. Don't waste your life.

update. nothing bad has happened lately. he's still very imposing and scary though but that's nothing i can really complain about since he's just a scary-looking person, really

damn, this stuff just makes me really sad.
as someone who was a big asswipe to you in the past, i feel really bad not knowing your situation (im not trying to seek clout here, just legit apologizing, sorry if its not the most appropriate thread). (I have an autistic best friend in real life and he talks about his abusive(?) parents sometimes, i usually just let him talk about it and am there for him).
i'm not really good at giving advice or what not, and this is probably the last person you want to hear this from, but feel free to add me on steam or discord, i'm free a majority of the time.
( (i dont know weather or not i have you blocked from my 1iq grudge, just DM me if I do).
(copy kirby#2805).
The biggest piece of advice I can give right now is to keep pushing through, i like to believe it always gets better (i have anxiety and depression), theres gotta be a good ending for you, man.
Moving in with your friend sounds promising, and so does therapy.
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