Author Topic: New Years 2020! [SAVE RELEASED] [THANK YOU FOR COMING! <3]  (Read 4840 times)

happy new year my homies

Happy new years everyone

you guys really killed it this year with this server, I haven't had this much fun on a bl server in like 2 years.

I really love how much detail was put into the map and how awesome it was organized. Thank you infinitely for the fun time, you guys are actually the best.

thank you all for comin that was a great experience

thank you everyone for this excellent new years

from all of us staff: this was a blast. we're so glad you all enjoyed the server and it really wouldn't be a good server without you guys

we hope to see you in blockland (even if only occasionally) and brickadia in the future <3

was an excellent server! had a great time

server will be up through tomorrow for anyone absolutely NEEDING to get all the chests or else they'll die from adhd

mods and saves will be released eventually, but probably sooner rather than later since everything is pretty much done/easy to package and release

This was a fun time, definitely the best New Year server and Discord out of recent years

If this was Blockland's last New Year celebration ever, this would be a great note to end on

looked cool, thanks for keeping the tradition up!

That was some of the most fun I've had on a New Years server EVER! 10/10 you guys, such an awesome job to everyone who helped make this! What a great build. :)

Time for 2019 episode 1
also are we gonna get a save one day perhaps??

Time for 2019 episode 1
also are we gonna get a save one day perhaps??
will be soon™