Author Topic: New Years 2020! [SAVE RELEASED] [THANK YOU FOR COMING! <3]  (Read 13840 times)

The New Year's 2020 save has officially been released!
The .zip file contains all the required add-ons, music, colorset, and pref/quota files.  It also contains some optional add-ons and files like the environment settings.

Please read the README on how to install it!

Thank you all so much again for coming and making this such a blast!  We hope we can do it again in brickadia you guys enjoyed it and maybe we can even do it again next year :o in brickadia

thank you everyone for this excellent new years

from all of us staff: this was a blast. we're so glad you all enjoyed the server and it really wouldn't be a good server without you guys

we hope to see you in blockland (even if only occasionally) and brickadia in the future <3

- 8 unique zones, with loads of content and hidden areas!
- Minigame rotation: boss battles and laser tag!
- Hat crafting, with tiers! Also, new and unique hats!
- 15+ new and edited novelty items, along with drinks remade into using items!
- Jets!!! (not everywhere tho :c)
- 69 chests! Nice.

Click to enlarge

Dev Team:
The Brighter Dark
Soviet Narwhal
Mega Bear

Thanks for coming! <3
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Folks you’re gonna love this build 🙌

and most importantly, the overwhelming dread of death
and also a subway

wtf i thought u said there wouldn't be cranes im allergic

there will be blood

and attempts to break free of the map's boundaries

dying light 2 lookin good

conan where the forget is brickadia new years

conan where the forget is brickadia new years
dead game cant mod in brickadia so its not ideal. would just be some massive build to explore of some sort.