How many systems?

Just 1
9 (25%)
2 to 3
14 (38.9%)
4 to 5
3 (8.3%)
More than 5
6 (16.7%)
I lost count...
4 (11.1%)

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Author Topic: How Many Computers do You Have, and What are They Running?  (Read 999 times)

it's not a question of what they're running, it's a question of who they are running from.

sometimes they tell me, sometimes they don't, regardless i keep these fat thick box bastards safe from those searching for them.

main pc (win 10)
random ass dell pc (no hdd)
powermac g4 (hdd dead)
emac (hdd dead)
two imacs (10.7 and the other has no hdd)thinkpad (win 8.1)
some hp laptop (no hdd)
some macbook (10.11)
i used to collect but i stopped because i dont feel like it anymore

Laptop for gaming, Win10 home (much to my dismay), 16 gb of ram and a 500 gb ssd

really old Desktop for office work, Win7 pro 64 bit, 4 gb of ddr3 ram and a 1 tb hdd but it's slow as stuff

my gaming pc and child research laptop

Got a nice laptop I use for pretty much anything, plus an old desktop at home running a private minecraft server. I guess you could also count my raspberry pi (not running anything rn) and maybe my game consoles but that's stretching it.

alright here's my current and actual PC loadout:

main custom rig running arch linux.

HP ProDesk running windows server 2019. it's for openttd and other dedicated tasks

raspberry pi zero w (raspian lite) - originally for pihole, will be my VPN access point

lenovo thinkpad x140e (win10) - the mobile setup, it's not powerful at all. it's meant to be a surfin the web and playing GTA:SA while traveling kinda thing

the other two are a little........derp.

a working iMac G3 (mac os 9.1 ATM) in bondi blue


my modded 1989 macintosh SE. has a new "SSD" (SCSI2SD) and motherboard battery. needs to be recapped at some point but IT WORKS!!!! (dual boots system 7 and system 6)

oh i also did something funny with it but i have to upload it on youtube at some point...