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i mean what the topic has devolved into as well as all the random accounts that's surfaced to add into the chaos is a fair assumption of that they're obsessed with harassing me and my friends, i know for sure the account is part of the groups as to how it originated, a counter to me making a non-umlaut account so they wouldn't be able to take the name, not knowing i could of just added the umlaut, both umbalite accounts appeared after they started taking my profile pictures and setting it as their own, mine is the non umlaut one
the only real proof i can give of their doing would be these comments that were never deleted

and the account i can provide that they used to bomb my comments, clickable photo

the rest were swept under the rug (mostly deleted comments) as i didn't think this would devolve into an entire mess, this is also why they're very obsessed with wanting proof, because there is none, i would of never thought i'd need it because i didn't think they'd sink to this level, but oh well

i actually do have an umbalite on blockland, i just don't use it as it's linked to steam, i bought the key as i lost my first one, but recovered it after i bought it, so i sort of just have two as i already have a bl key on my steam

is this a picture so you can delete it later
no, just testimony as to why they're redoubling their efforts, i can give it in text form if i need to

I'm on house arrest because they say I play with pistols!

old torin alt or stolen key? would torin really do jojo references back then? is this just some forgettard unrelated to thot patrol? who knows

where did this come from tho

no i mean all of it lol what started this up again

no i mean all of it lol what started this up again
Probably Badspot posting that he was told OP was not an actual account of Rose the Floran, which i guess caused Thot Patrol and random others to retaliate because ???

It's just typical BLF at this point

imagine harassing a close friend of yours to the extent of impersonating them because you feel like it. loving degenerates

Imagine claiming you're being harassed and degraded because someone made fun of the orbiters on your steam profile... Bonus round: on a forum that's completely unrelated

Unemployed 20+ year olds who do nothing but play Spiral Knights 24/7 and complain to their simps about imaginary harassment BE ADVISED: Same stuff different decade.

imagine wasting most of your time on a single thread to defend your group procrastination club

imagine wasting most of your time on a single thread to defend your group procrastination club
I know what happens next. I saw you in my dream. You're in carcosa now... with me. He sees you. You'll do this again, time is a flat circle.

Just reported the Umbalite account for stealing my queens trademarked steam username... now she will definitely watch The Office with me in a discord call