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So I have been wanting to make some arena type saves but don't have a good enough weapon set (or the weapon pack doesn't have the weapons i need.) So i have a list of weapons and just want to tell someone about it.

So i am not a 3d modeler and really don't want to learn in five days so there is no models to show but i just want to get a couple of weapon ideas out. But if these weapons were to be made they would have to have hand models even though most of the weapons don't reload and all the weapons and ammo when spawned in on a brick must be spinning around.

Melee                                              Pistols                                      Smgs
Fist-25 Damage                               Pistol-15 Damage                      Smg-10 Damage
Knife-40 Damage                             Duelies-10 Damage                   Duel Smgs-5 Damage
Crowbar-15 Damage                       Revolver -30 Damage                         
Chainsaw- 10 Damage                                                                                       

Shotgun                                           Machine Guns                                                                                Explosives
Pump Shotgun-25 Damage              Assault Rifle w Grenade Launcher-8 Damage w 40 Damage          Grenade-40 Damage
Double Barrel-50 Damage                Chaingun-6 Damage                                                                       Molotov-10 Damage in area           
4 Barrel Ice Shotgun- 30 Damage                                                                                                           TNT-40 Damage
                                                                                                                                                                Plasma Grenade-5 Damage

Explosive Weapons                             Snipers                                           Special Weapons
RPG-20 Damage                                    Bolt Action Sniper-50 Damage         BFG-100 Damage
Grenade Launcher-20 Damage             Crossbow-60 Damage                     Plasma Gun-10 Damage
                                                             Self Bolting Rifle-70 Damage

So Those are all of them and the weapon count is 25. Now i know that a lot so that's why this is a idea. I don't expect this to become it own Mod but aye i just wanted to say some of this. so all of the weapon descriptions are below. And some of the weapons have alternate attacks so they will be in the description.


This basic melee attack does a 25 damage and is a medium speed weapon. This weapon also have a alternate uppercut that does 50 damage but is slow and can be seen coming.


This weapon is a huntsmen knife that is a medium/slow speed weapon which slashes and plunge stabs for 40 damage. And also has a alternate attack where you throw the knife that can be seen flying in the air which does the same damage.


The crowbar is a fast speed weapon that can swing and break for 15 damage. This weapon has no alt attack.


This weapon is a fast speed weapon the chews threw enemy's for 10 damage. This weapon has no alt attack.


Based on the Beretta 92 that shots for 15 damage. it is a slow semi auto weapon which alt fire is a automatic mode like the Half Life 1 pistol and the damage is the same.


These are two of the Pistols being held in a Max Payne style just without the diving. these duelies do 10 damage and have no alt attack.


The Revolver is a much more powerful and shiny weapon and is based on a Single Action Army. This weapon does 30 damage and is a fast slam shot but has a reload that is fast but will take up time but will happen after the last shot is fired. this weapon doesn't have a alt fire.


This is a much more compact Sterling Sub machine Gun that shots fast but only does 10 damage. This weapon has no alt attack.

Duel Smgs

Two Mac 10's with a fast shooting speed that only does 5 damage but runs out of ammo fast. there is no alt fire.

Pump Shotgun

A Winchester 1917 Trench Shotgun that does 25 damage per pump and has no alt attack and is a medium speed.

Double Barrel

A 1900 Remington Double barrel shorten down for easy carrier. this weapon does 50 damage and has no alt attack but has a reload animation and is a slow speed.

Four Barrel Icicle Shotgun

A four barreled shotgun that has been upgrade with some instate crystallized ice pellet that when shot will form into a icicle. this weapon 30 damage and has a alt attack where you shot all the barrels for 100 damage but has a longer reload the the regular two shots. And this is consider a slow speed weapon.

M16 w Grenader

This is a M16 A1 That has the original gun barrel but has a M203 Grenade Launcher attached to it. it does 8 damage with a alt fire of the grenade launcher that explodes on impact and does 40 damage. This is also a medium speed weapon

Chain Gun

A small Mingun that can be carried around and has a fast gun speed. this gun does 6 damage and has no alt attack.


A basic grenade that can be throw upwards and will go of in 3 seconds for 40 damage. or can be held and thrown like an impact grenade and do the same damage.


Molotov's are the same as grenade except the dont have a alt fire but put fire in a small zone and will continue to hurt a player for 10 health when they stay in the zone


TNT is a throw able bomb that you can activate from a far. and when detonated can do 40 damage.

Plasma Grenade

Plasma grenades stun players and hurts them for 5 health.


A Slow speed 20 damage Box RPG that has no alt fire.

Grenade Lobber

A m79 Grenade launcher that is a slow speed weapon that does 20 damage and has to be reloaded and has no alt fire.

Bolt Action

A Awp styled slow speed weapon that must be bolted every time its shot and does 50 damage and has no alt attack.


just a regular crossbow that is a medium speed and has no alt fire and does 60 damage.

Self Bolting Rifle

a futuristic sniper that self bolts its self at a fast speed has a scope in for is alt fire and does 70 damage in both modes.

Plasma Gun

based on the doom Plasma gun this has a fast speed but has a cool down after let go of trigger has no alt fire and does 10 damage.


The BFG ids also based on dooms weapon has a slow speed no alt attack but does a 100 health damage to everybody in its way before exploding and doing 30 damage to everybody in the vicinity.

Now I Don't know if this belongs in this section but i don't really know. I just wanted to get this off my chest so yeah. Thank you for reading. P.S. the speeds in the descriptions are how fast it shoots.

PhantOS : you mean Qauke Type Weapon by Bushido who richard i did NoT suck also Buy Jack And Cassie on November 5th

self bolting rifle..... aka semiautomatic?

no... self bolting. its an actual firearm mechanism. i too own a self bolting revolver

no... self bolting. its an actual firearm mechanism. i too own a self bolting revolver
if i didnt know you better i would have taken this post seriously

that said i did google the term just to check and couldnt find anything