donald trump
12 (40%)
bernie sanders
15 (50%)
joe biden
0 (0%)
michael bloomberg
1 (3.3%)
pete buttigieg
1 (3.3%)
elizabeth warren
0 (0%)
amy klobuchar
0 (0%)
tom steyer
0 (0%)
tulsi gabbard
1 (3.3%)

Total Members Voted: 30

Author Topic: who are you voting for: 2020 edition  (Read 608 times)

whom art thou vorting for

idk whose gonna be an elect other than bernie sanders in 2024 so idk

real question is who would you prefer: trump or buttigieg

im gonna roll the dice this time

who cares anymore, country's going down in flames no matter what side the coin
 lands on

haha he has Butt in his name :)

tony is gonna reply tomorrow calling the poll rigged

booty cheese is a rat

I am once again asking you to vote for me on the Blockland Forums

bill weld 2020 woooooooooooooo

lmao, cucks for voting Bernie, Cucktimus Prime

lmao, cucks for voting Bernie, Cucktimus Prime
and this is why no one talks about politics calmly

the coon hath arrived