Author Topic: favorite forum avatars  (Read 2659 times)

you forgot magick mage swollo

hey buddy i decide what my nostalgic experiences are and that nice bastard isn't on the list

ok its probably nostalgic also

First one i remember Packer used, but it was animated, fourth one i feel like was used by Jubei for a while?

if you click on it it animates, I think headbang cat was actually Acid iirc and second one was definitely Cyanian.

He's right.

Turtles. Haha Combo breaker bitches





Space Guy


"Search for Plornt" styled avatars

leave a like if you remember when strato was still 'peaceful war' and released an addon on april first that was an empty zip and got banned

ring that bell if you remember pandans original acc 'mtndew' and when he got shadowbanned for having too many melt downs

wow, it's been a while since i used that duck

curious if there's just a giant list of all the avatars somewhere, i'm guessing when people change their avatar, the old one is lost from the database

this thread ruined me emotionally

Don't @ me until you agree that the Freddie Mercury avatar is the best.