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that is some based sights, how the hell u pullin it off

I uhh... used four datablocks...

The actual zero itself is manipulating the projectiles velocity upward to imitate raising the muzzle to align the sights, other sights use mildots that represent however many or so bricks. Gravity in blockland is simple so it's pretty easy to figure out, I.E. for the RPG-7 projectile adding 0.015 to the z element of the trajectory is ~256 bricks worth of bullet drop, so just add that * the amount of notches
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slugs for the riot shotgun dont work for some reason, i get this error in console whenever i try to fire one (this is rallypackEXT but the same error occurs in the normal rallypack, just with a different name)

That was a silly mistake on my part: The riot shotgun uses the battle rifle projectile as a secondary attack, but the riot shotgun script is executed before the battlerifle is executed so when you first load into the game it's broken, but when you reexec the add-on to test stuff it fixes it so I never caught it.

To fix it I suspect you could go into server.cs, find exec("./weapon_riotshotgun.cs"); and move it below exec("./weapon_battlerifle.cs");

here's a suggestion - make weapons tilt when aiming down sights

i did some experiments and it works really well:

just simply add rotation = eulerToMatrix( "0 -20 0" ); to every ads image and you get great results
with this feature, you can tell if a sniper is scoped in or not, allowing you to safely flank him with the knowledge that he's distracted
you could also intimidate your opponents (as shown above) gangsta style
and i guess it just looks cool in general

one slight problem is that rotating the gun while its bipod is deployed does look a bit silly

can you kill people with the backblast

thats loving sick and i love the safety features

is there any way to fix being able to reload infinitely when i use infinite reserves?

is there any way to fix being able to reload infinitely when i use infinite reserves?
Not sure I understand... can you elaborate on the problem you're having?

if i use the infinite reserves fix you gave me earlier i'm able to spam reload even when completely full, so I have to unequip whatever weapon i'm using to toggle my light

ahh I thought you were talking about reserve ammo weapons specifically

The logic to figure out if we can reload is sorta a nightmare right now. I'm not sure how much this function has changed since the last version, or if it's even there... but you could probably cheese it by adding this line of code
Code: [Select]
if(%player.R_Ammo[%image.R_AmmoName] >= %image.R_MagSize) return "light";
to the RWep_handleReload(%player, %bypassHook) function in server.cs. You'll need to put it in the right place, which is under
Code: [Select]

Like such:
Code: [Select]
if(%player.R_Ammo[%image.R_AmmoName] >= %image.R_MagSize) return "light";

This will detect when the mag fed weapon you're trying to reload is full and then back out and tell the game to call the default light function

Currently working on some ammo resupply changes - so that when you resupply the magazine that's loaded in your weapon is refilled as well as all your backup magazines. This should fix having to resupply twice in many cases or if you forgot to reload before resupplying