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Sure thing bro just install this and then join my server
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procrastinating in desmos

Wha'lt about light effects when u shoot

Wha'lt about light effects when u shoot
nice 4 players shooting in one area bro
nice fps bro

Blockland really doesn't like it when lights do anything except sit on a brick doing nothing. I'm imagining instantiating and deleting a light every 97ms for one guy full-autoing and the game exploding. You could probably cheese it by loving with the player light but that seems retarded

New gun has been added to Rallypack

im the man who came up with all the best guns in this pack. yeah, you know, the bow? i invented the bow. impressed? you should be. putting that aside, i am here to present more.

Cyclic SMG

A slower firing SMG with a higher effective range.


HFR standing for High Fire Rate, this is an SMG that almost matches the fire rate of the MAC-10 with far more manageable recoil.

Ranger SMG

Based on the B&T APC9, this SMG packs a punch at far higher ranges than the others at the cost of fire rate and damage.

Heavy AR

High damage and range, low fire rate.

Chainsaw LMG

A growing problem among Rallypack users is the inability, or downright refusal to utilize the ADS system.
This weapon is the answer. An LMG that fires exclusively from the hip. With a higher fire rate, this gun is far less effective at range than others in its class.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Long range, tight choke, surprisingly low mag size.

Stealth Shotgun

Or, as stealthy as you can get a mag fed beast that ISN'T an AA-12.
Holds 8 shells at a time.


You knew this was coming, didn't you Rally.



Payload Rifle

The blast rifle's younger brother. This 40lb mass of a rifle has everything you need to take out a van of Federales coming off of the highway in one shot, should you need it.

Anti-Tank Launcher

Utilizing a similar lock-on system as the Airburst Rifle, this fire-and-forget launcher has everything you could possibly want for cross-map spawnkills. Just don't use it indoors.
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rally just sent me a message on skype that says hes not going to add any of those but he is gonna add bow opfor
big win  team

All pristine ideas. Funnily enough I just got done modeling an FN SCAR yesterday so that will be in the game by the next update, but it will be called the marksman rifle and the current DMRs are being renamed to precision rifle, the AR Heavy title already got taken earlier by an AR-15.50

Javelin won't be in the next update but isn't far off. I like the idea of the SKS, I made a stock AR-15 the other day and called it the 'Civilian Rifle' so this could be the opfor brown townogue. I like the two new SMG classes and I was thinking about a UMP the other day so those are also pretty much confirmed. I think I'll definitely get to all of these suggestions eventually Including bow 2

rally just sent me a message on skype that says hes not going to add any of those but he is gonna add bow opfor
big win  team
you shouldve asked ahforgetsys brother about these weapons bro..

The gl

The revolver shotgun
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im banning rallypack if you add a taurus

im banning rallypack if you add a taurus
Adding a .410/.45LC revolver in general is gross