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The old gun shots where better

From a technical standpoint the loops create less sounds and therefore donít break Blocklandís several decade old sound library as often. Note that I chose the new ones with an updated OpenAL so if they suck, consider upgrading if you havenít.

That being said Iím not a sound guy and I never will be, Iíve spent 10x as long as I would have liked hunting for sounds for this pack and you should know I have never been happy with them at any point in this packĎs history. If youíre a sound guy or you know one and youíd like to contribute, hmu

remove the sounds entirely to simulate deafness from playing russian roulette and respawning

remove the sounds entirely to simulate deafness from playing russian roulette and respawning
you should remove OpenAL32.dll from your blockland directory and replace it with OpenAL32.dll (renamed version of soft_oal.dll that you can find here :

when you resize your dope modern warfare screenshots to 1000px so you can post them all in one big post and then forget to include the dopest one of all

this one is called the stealth pistol (it is not a glock with the cartel optics weapon mod pack)


High cap ARS / whatever the forget they will be
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add my tec 9 as official machine pistol :)

that aint an ar thats an lmg

i know but i couldnt find any not opfor looking rifles that fit the big magazine :D
just tell ralley its an mp5 with a box mag

Minor problem with akimbo weapons: Currently the armor in the pack is using one of the image slots generally reserved for weapons in the off-hand. This is because it's easier than breaking the emitter slot.

We could potentially cheese this and just make it so if you're wearing body armor you can only have one of two akimbo guns out because it's too 'cumbersome' or something. I'm aware of the bot hack for more image slots but there are client desync issues associated with it that have never been addressed

High cap AR / hatever the forget
Calling the HK21 a whatever the forget, you uncultured swine.

If akimbo weapons become a thing, I'd like to request that the light machinegun be made into one.