Author Topic: Rallypack Weapons [WIP]  (Read 24097 times)

can we get

a) events for detecting the placement, detonation, and possibly defusion of a bomb
b) events for placing, detonating, and deleting a bomb
c) preference for letting bombs only be placed on certain bricks, optionally with a set time per brick (for gamemodes and stuff)

dew this to go from 99.9999999% cool to 100% cool

ok so basically i want there to be akimbo tec 9 and also akimbo glock and also a high capacity assault rifle called the mg34

An actual deployable mortar instead of the current mortar weapon we got? Sign me up!
I was kind of trying to get a deployable mortar to work with bots and stuff, but that is just 100% better.

this genuinely makes me want to play blockland again
if there's a server or some stuff with these I would hop on

i'm just thinkin of some stupid scenarios where I spam c4 around a wall and get kills

should i make a more competitive blockland tdm with these

only thing is i need a good builder

It would be neat to see makeshift mortar tunes, I've heard stories of insurgents using old AT-4 tunes to launch mortars

I'm already doing a bunch of weird vector math to get the correct muzzle position and velocity so I figured I'd just go with the iterative raycasts

oh yeah and something something projectile lifetimes arbitrarily capped by blockland

edit: it does look really cool though... maybe i'll use them in tandem and just have a projectile for effects
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Incoming! Incoming! Incoming!
Recreate the airstrike button from Half Life Deathmatch's Crossfire map

Arent those just gredwitch sounds in the mortar vid

I get most of my sounds from Squad, Insurgency and EFT... although I looked up gredwitch and im pretty sure I hear Insurgency sounds in here lol