Author Topic: Any original 2009-2012 players still active on here?  (Read 8042 times)

This isn't my original account, but I started in 2009.

Looking back I am always blown away by how much of my time and creative energy went into Blockland growing up. This community probably had a tangible impact on how I turned out as a person.

I'm sure there are more people who I have forgotten than I remember as well, which makes me a little sad that I'm missing out on some of that nostalgia.

have you tried not being old af just sayin
shush grandpa

welcome back sir, there are some of us still around

Yeah, we're here. Like many others, this isn't my original account, but my original forum account was made on New Year's Day, 2008. Got Blockland in Christmas 2007, IIRC

when did you start needing to use a blid to regester? becauae my original account didn't need one

You ain't an OG player from 2009.

hol up, you were part of blockeye?

You ain't an OG player from 2009.

yet hes more memorable than you

besides looking at your profile youre a '13 player lol


logged back in after being inactive for years just to say sup. i dont play nor have played in maybe half a decade.

my pfp is cringy af too good lord

I'm not active like before, but I visit from time to time.