Author Topic: anyone play Intruder?  (Read 1035 times)

so this game has got me whipped, but im not sure if it's worth it as it seems dead...
just curious if anyone can give their input as im intrigued

It is certainly as advertised, the gameplay is very Physician Prescribed Desoxynodical and engaging, far more so than Siege and other garbage marketed as 'tactical'. The problem is that to actually enjoy the experience you need to get a fairly sizeable amount of people together who are competent, coordinated, and will take it seriously. Easier said than done on a game where the controls are obtuse and everything is fairly over-engineered.

and other garbage marketed as 'tactical'.
leave smod out of this

SMOD: Tactical was the original hardcore shooter

hey crook what’s your (thoughts)? on ground branch - the premiere tactical shooter

I haven't had the full Ground Branch experience yet because it's hard to convince friends to buy a game that is so bare-bones, and solo'ing it is how you get the wrong impression from the game lol. But the weapon customization is pretty awesome even in it's earliest state. Seems to be going places.

If you buy it now you're basically got until valorant comes out and kills anything that isn't CS:GO, which is in a few months

Intruder isn't adderallcore neutered streamlined e-sports FPS so its audience doesn't really overlap with Valorant and CS:GO. It's more in line with games like SWAT4 and some milsims.
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used to play intruder way back when it was alive and it was fun