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guys just so you know you can craft the void vault with a mere 30 bones, 15 jungle spores and  30 shadow scales because i didn't know until now

and let me tell you this thing is INCREDIBLY based

itt: zoologist hate thread

the zoologist belongs in the wastebin

okay i have ill thoughts towards the zoologist as much as the next guy but god damnit there's like 600 million other things to talk about

like holy stuff why is the queen slime so god damn hard. queen slime mount and that teleporting hook is incredibly based though

why do people hate the zoologist again

why do people hate the zoologist again
theyve frequented so many big black ass 4chan threads that they just cum instantly whenever they see anything thats black and has tits

okay what the forget if you talk to the party girl you can switch the ENTIRE loving soundtrack for the game to play Otherworld music.

zoologist makes me want to say the hard r

zoophiles when they get the zoologist
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zoologist canonically wants to forget witch doctor

i wish i was joking

why the forget HAVEN'T I PLAYED YET

i want to take the terraria zookeeper and blast her into the sun evaporating her instantly