Author Topic: Anyone just remember an old name and wondered what happened to them?  (Read 105592 times)

wow I haven't even thought about bl in years and I just randomly do and see this. really got me pondering now

Cortunix (Executioner (st8terblock)) (some gross esports csgo wannabe now I think)
Silleb (or Sileb? idk)
Lamebro1 (probably got busy with school and never touched the game again idk)
Unknown Lolzar
John Freeman (also went as ZombieEatBurger)
Zaxx (also went as Robo Dude) <-- I think he passed away? I'm not sure
MrHappy787 (also went as Angry Man or something)
and some more I can't think of

most of these people I either admined their servers, or played on their servers/with them a lot, or had them as admins on my servers.
waldo, eagle, skill4life still regularly active

falco im in contact with hes now a professional gun modeler at some gamedev company that do the AAA shooties

I don't know about anyone else on your list, but I talk to wynd fox literally every day. I will tell him you mentioned him

honestly i wonder how usopp's been doing. what a loving user that guy was

oh and L.
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what happened to cucumberdude

You seemed to vanish, i wonder what he's doin now

I'm surprised no one seemed to mention


These are the two biggest names I can remember, after so many years of playing, I always hope to open Blockland and see these two people's names on the server list. Even though I'm still in touch with them, it's still sad to know that I will probably never play one of their servers again.

I'm surprised no one seemed to mention

it's because he sucked ass

The last thing i remember about DrenDran was when the New Years servers split apart some years ago

drendran posted like a month ago or something iirc

Jorgur, except I do know where they are nowadays

They semi-frequent a vanilla java minecraft server I play on, pretty lit

Daswiruch i think they nuked their steam. chill friend
Freek he was cool and i like his threads just talking abt skool. chill.

There's many I don't remember from all those years back, but skill4life and kobewarrior will forever be cemented in my memory. Those guys were legendary with VCE and helped me learn a ton of scripting!

yo bisjac tried to fly me and my sister to MN for some party when I was like 15 and she was 13. he basically groomed us and its only looking back now that I see that behavior is not normal. I can't imagine me at my current age (26) chatting it up on the daily with a 15 year old.

also regarding TwenteFreak yes I remember him he was my fave. I still message him occasionally to check in.

this is believable. also otis da housekat and uhhhhh vertzel or whatever his name was. and stevebunchofnumbers. I was just nostalgia-browsing a bunch of really old posts yesterday and happened upon an old drama of some guy named nienhaus who I do not remember at all but apparently posted links to actual child research in a BL tinychat once (remember tinychat? damn), which it was revealed he received from steve
and otis and v-whatever were just. established child enthusiasts. lol. god what a website to have grown up on

yeah kinda crazy how bisjac groomed so many people, I remember dealing with him a while back too.
Otis also tried grooming my sister at one point, as did JimmG (who sent me half naked photos of my sister back when she was under age)
Neinhaus wasn't a creep from memory but he was very autistic and couldn't comprehend social constructs very well.

Twente hasn't been on Steam in ages but he is still pretty active on FB.

RingsOfSaturn (Admin) ID - 9881

Pretty sure Rings is still kicking around, not sure what he's up to these days but he was on Steam 4 days ago.

skelolego :(

I legit think he's perished, he hasn't been on steam in like 11 years and his profile has disappeared for me. He was talking to me every single day, then just went offline once and I never heard from him again.


Aphtonites is still kicking as a developer of some sorts.

Shinji enlisted and never came back to using that alias online, his brother/friend disappeared pretty shortly after too and claimed he had no way of contacting Shinji


Still alive

I do wonder what Aloshi or Copblock are up to these days, there are a few others I need to hit up...