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I have a god awful bootleg xaomi. I bought the new iphone se 2nd gen. do you think it's a good phone. talk about your phones and perks/cons

I have a Xaomi Mi A2, so far excellent phone.

I have a Xaomi Mi A2, so far excellent phone.
ummm thats my phone exactly. maybe it's just me but the camera is buck ass

my type of phone is literally any phone with sd storage expansion and a headphone jack

i have an iphone with an android taped to the back of it so that the internet cannot fight me for using the inferior platform

lg v35, pretty damn good except for the fact I upgraded from an LG G4 and really miss the old leather back and removable battery. Also forget android 10, the new ui is garbo i just got it a few days ago and have to reteach my muscle memory so much stuff

iphone 8 plus and I adore it

One Plus 6t 8GB RAM 256GB storage.

First time I had ever spent more than 150 on a phone and I'm glad I did. Massive upgrade from my stuffty huawei p8 lite I had prior.