Author Topic: should i use cruise control for a long distance trip  (Read 2932 times)

Is it some weird fuel economy thing?
It's a low RPM motor, its idle for that sort of thing is 500rpm

tfw my stuffbox rx7's cruise control won't engage and i'm too lazy to find out why

Honestly just put on a podcast and relax, it can be meditative. I never use cruise control

It's a low RPM motor, its idle for that sort of thing is 500rpm
Oh I just realized I've been misunderstanding this whole time, my first impression was that you were thinking something was wrong with your truck lol oops.

Yeah I get that, I've only owned two cars but my new car a 2003 cadillac deville idles really low like your truck and in general is super quiet and it forgets with me because it's got a 4.6L 300HP V8 in it lol. Cadillacs have pretty sophisticated exhaust systems though so that probably explains the lack of noise

yea you don't want to be driving manual when you're tripping balls on acid

It's a low RPM motor, its idle for that sort of thing is 500rpm
I have a 1998 GMC Sierra that immediately goes to 500 rpm idle after starting, even in the absolute dead of winter. I always wondered if this was how it was designed or it was just some quirk it picked up because every car I have driven has always held a high idle for at least a few seconds after starting.

i drove to tennessee from wisconsin twice and to denver n back:

i highly recommend cruise control when you're on those roads with practically nobody on it. those country highways where you see people once every 40 minutes.
i use cruise control only when im on a long stretch of road and there's not that much traffic. feels good to rest your right foot and keep the car going. otherwise, anything can happen with the drivers next to me and i always want to be cautious and ready to slow down/swerve/whatever if stuff hits the fan

cruise control automatically turns off when you apply the brake. it will stay on when i accelerate but i think it goes back down to what it was set at when i let off. typically theres buttons to fine-tune your cruise control speed.

just be careful when you use cruise control because you will be more relaxed and more than likely, less aware with whats going on around you.