Author Topic: why are there so many transgender brickadia players  (Read 3019 times)

srs question where did they advertise the game to attract all these ppl

niche online communities have a lot of trans people overall

I feel like they are overrepresented because people tend to be more themselves online if they are anonymous. whereas you might not even notice a trans person irl unless they tell you

another theory is that trans people attract other trans players because they recognize and sympathize with each other. similar to how people of the same nationalities, cultures, or any other character trait group up.

idk, there's tons of reasons, ask them

game was advertised in LGBTQ discords early on

I'm surprised there are so many gun enthusiasts in that community tbh, I thought the LGBT people wouldn't be that interested in it but I have yet to be banned for posting guns in the lounge channel.

this is the weirdest possible question you could ask about brickadia

you're scared of 1% of the population with a 50% Self Delete rate?

Holy stuff what the forget, I killed that in Skyrim I think.

what does this have to do with anything
It's a public display of degeneracy relating to the post
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trans brickadia users are promoted to mod by default

It's a public display of degeneracy relating to the post
relating how?

lemon on the chain wit da v cut is how

the forget did i just read