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Since SFM's release, I invested in my opinion too many hours of my time into learning and doing stupid stuff in it. I was even nominated for a Saxxy back in 2016 for Best Comedy on a short called Channel Chasers. One of my favorite activities to do in SFM however is posters and commissions for people. I do not charge for commissions and I never will since I think it's scummy to do so when SFM is such an easy tool to learn and use. I figured I share some of my Blockland related work and I'm up for taking commissions if anybody is interested in a free profile pic or some kind of poster. As long as you fill in my requirements needed I'll gladly do as many as I can, they do take some time but I promise if I guarantee I'll make it you'll get it.

What I need:
1:I need to see your avatar, I need the color hex in RGB form.
Q: Do you use custom decals/faces?
A: The answer is no.

2: I need to know what map from SFM you want me to use, you can look on the SFM workshop if you'd like or you can tell me what regular TF2 map you'd like me to use, I do not use any other source game environments. Also do note that the Blockhead models depending on the map, if the lighting properties are not properly set, they may not work right on the models themselves accordingly.

3: What's the gimmick, personality, the setting, I need a description of what's happening so I can make it according to your desire in your imagination.
By just saying, have him stand there then that leaves room for interpretation and I could just end up making a bland pose that isn't to your liking, so please don't make me guess what you want, just be blunt about it

4: Let me know also if you want extra editing and tell me also what kind of lighting you want, do you want rim lights? (Lights that give an outline to the character, more of a TF2 feature but I can do it)
Do you want your name on the poster or the profile pic itself?
Do you want me to make some adjustments in photoshop to just stylize the image to be a bit cooler? I can do some extra versions out of generosity

Here's some of the work I've done for friends and myself.
Most of them aren't photoshopped just for the record, just base SFM.

If you'd like to get in personal touch with me, feel free to comment on my steam profile and get my attention.

If you wanna add just lemme know who you are and that you're coming from here.

This is freaking amazing
/support from Cowtastic

This is freaking amazing
/support from Cowtastic
Appreciate the compliment

and heres the back angle

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