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Please stick to geese related content

seeing geese stuff is probably one of the worst experiences i've ever had

Ok but have you seen their bellies

I was ass loving my first gf on her couch when her parents suddenly came home 12 hours early from their vacation.
She freaked out, her sphincter closed on my richard like a mouse trap, and I pulled out fast and hard. Big turds came
shooting out like one foot, hit my thigh, and fell on the couch cushion. The shock turned into hysterical laughter and
I was cackling uncontrollably while she ran upstairs and her parents freaked out. It was pretty based but I couldnt
show my face around her house and we broke up a month later.

goose poop is unironically the worst

But geese are the best

I love geese I love geese I love geese theyre so precious and cute