I have posted a possibility for the election outcome in 6 variations. Choose your preferred below.

A. https://i.imgur.com/F6TVPLY.png
8 (34.8%)
B. https://i.imgur.com/uuRmNcE.png
3 (13%)
C. https://i.imgur.com/JK2OSsA.png
1 (4.3%)
D. https://i.imgur.com/sl6MVas.png
2 (8.7%)
E. https://i.imgur.com/K1GHlD3.png
2 (8.7%)
F. https://i.imgur.com/br3Sp06.png
7 (30.4%)

Total Members Voted: 23

Author Topic: U.S.A. Politics Thread | Texas School Shooting | Suspicious Events  (Read 130653 times)

U.S.A. Politics Thread
Texas School Shooting, Time to give up your guns!!!


Texas honor student kills children!!!
Doesn't that make you feel bad?
Guns are murder tools to kill children, you're going to give them up aren't you?
You're not a child murder sympathizer are you?

God it didn't take long for the crocodile tears from the media to come out in droves.
Where's this dedication to the murders caused by Illegal Immigrants?


The police not only did nothing, they let him go in and commit these murders and also they even guaranteed the death of a child
by their own direct actions.

Strange how they managed to make a situation that could've been stopped before it started into an international incident,
right in the middle of primary season.

I can not just blindly believe/pretend these were all unintentional acts of incompetence, when these acts happened in succession
in a coordinated manner.

This is highly suspicious and must be investigated.
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I believe the American people are ready for soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning better. This is our moment to prove hope is more powerful than fear, love is more powerful than hate, and light is more powerful than darkness.

Join us:

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Annoying Orange did in 4 years, what obama couldnt do in eight and biden couldnt do in 40.

He made change, positive change.

The riots are the fault of dem cities releasing rioters after arrest and refusing national guard help.

The coronavirus response has been way better than the media has made it out to be. 

Oh, and democrats dont have a spine, they run to get elected, not to make change.

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