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A. https://i.imgur.com/F6TVPLY.png
8 (34.8%)
B. https://i.imgur.com/uuRmNcE.png
3 (13%)
C. https://i.imgur.com/JK2OSsA.png
1 (4.3%)
D. https://i.imgur.com/sl6MVas.png
2 (8.7%)
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F. https://i.imgur.com/br3Sp06.png
7 (30.4%)

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Author Topic: United States Politics Thread | War with China? We must avoid at all costs.  (Read 70069 times)

United States Politics Thread

This has been a hell of a year. I've changed mentally, and socially following several events and tipping points. So welcome to a whole new perspective, and a thread which may bring something similar to you.

Or not.

I never thought I'd see the day.

But the day has come.
The Establishment has divided the people based on cultural issues. But you can never ever bury the real problem.
And the real problem reared it's head, and the people exploded with a furious rage. Many trading companies are
stopping purchases of GameStop stock. This is Market Manipulation, and everyone can see it.

Left... and right.

This is what they fear, this is what they really fear.

We may not agree politically on cultural issues. But those issues come second to a stable economy for everyone.
Now that the Establishment Right and Left have purged themselves of their Populist counterparts, expect events like this to become more common.

As of right now, the GME Stock is holding well. Although it should be going up.
Hedgefunds are doubling down, but so are the Redditors.
The Gamestop Rebellion had their Empire Strikes Back yesterday. Soon the Jedi shall Return!

Gamestop Stock fell today. But not really.
Mega investors sold and bought stock of gme at low prices in high volume to artificially drive the price down. And then the media started fear mongering and tempting people with other stocks and investments to try and divide the movement.

WSB is fighting back hard, as they buy every dip.


Welp. Could have told ya this would happen. They're going after the Redditors and letting the Hedge funds go free.


Yeah, no. Don't expect any defense on this one from me chief.

"Oil, Tension, War Crimes? You want it? It's yours, my friend. As long as you have enough warmongers." - MorshuBoxBeater1999 Probably

Yeet? What's a Yeet?



Holy forget.

Shooting flies with a shotgun logic?
How about nuking an entire continent to destroy a wasp.

This is absolutely the worst anti-trans law to date.

Florida is a loving stuffshow of a state.

"Hahahahaha he callin em all notsees. They prolly said a nono word haha"


They threatened to take away their means of survival if they dared to even think of forming a union. They also incentivised them to report their co-workers under that same threat. All while creepily smiling and claiming not to be anti-union in their newgrounds flash animation.

Holy forget I was on the wrong side of things for too long. This is actually creepy and evil.

Derek Chauvin was not charged or found guilty of Murder in the 1st degree. Last year Derek Chauvin was
filmed kneeling on the neck of George Floyd. Afterwards he died from suffocation among other causes.
While charges in the second and third degree, as well as manslaughter charges have stuck, he did not
get charged with murder in the 1st degree.

Police shoot and kill baby.


Look.at this stuff.


TOO loving BAD.

Boomer forgets roll up in their big as sedans and teslas ordering up half the loving menu. Then one thing gets mixed up or hell maybe its sunday and "the lord" said 'god helps those who help themselves" so they helped themselves to a free meal at the expense of every food slave in the building.

"Oh yes ma'am, sorry ma'am"

#forgetOffMaam and take youre luxury vehicle, tiny dog and diabetic death snack with you.

Maybe people would get your order right or hell, even come to your stuffty job if they weren't paid just enough to live in a cardboard box behind the dumpsters.

But no, we're the entitled ones.

We need to "just get a better job." Or we "should have gone to colleg" they say from behind their highschool diploma or even a GED and 6 figure salary and multi million dollar retirement plan from a job they had for 50+ years.

"Millenials and Gen Z are lazy and entitled, now give me my frosty or I'm going to have you fired."

forget boomers.
forget the rich.
forget rich boomers.
forget bootlickers.

And forget capitalism.

If we automate labor as we've been heading towards but we do so acknowledging that in the current system people will be displaced. We could tax the companies that automate labor fully and pay the displaced workers as though theyre still working that job. Just a BI and not a UBI here but...

UBI would expand from there of course. As displaced workers are nolonger forced to work for poverty wages doing back breaking work into the grave. They could contribute in other ways.

The more mentally endowed could study up into higher positions.

Those who are still more physically skilled could use their laboring skillset or abilities for more artisan goods than traditional labor.

And we could continue to step up the taxes on wealthy mega corps slowly to get the money needed for a complete UBI.

We'd need to become less lenient towards countries that dont have similar policies. and start sanctions and embargos to begin punishing those who dont start the automated UBI road. And for those who do wish to get on board, we should begin assisting in advancing their automation in labor.

Automation is inevitable. If we do not get in front of it we will go under it.


Putting this first and foremost. Funding internationally from the government itself is not a decision Fauci could have made.

This had to be passed through the house, senate and the white house. This happened just before covid.

This along with increasing likelyhood that the lab leak is now the most likely cause of covid.

The Annoying Orange Administration and the Republican Party funded the Lab that caused COVID19.

This pandemic is all Annoying Orange and the Republicans fault.


We must avoid this war at all costs.

We should consider some ideas becoming normal.

Surrender, will likely be necessary in a war scenario.

We could adopt more pro-chinese policies to cool tensions.

We could also adopt some chinese culture nationwide for similar reasons. 
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I believe the American people are ready for something better. This is our moment to prove hope is more powerful than fear, love is more powerful than hate, and light is more powerful than darkness.

Join us:

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i love how this artist drew Julian

Annoying Orange did in 4 years, what obama couldnt do in eight and biden couldnt do in 40.

He made change, positive change.

The riots are the fault of dem cities releasing rioters after arrest and refusing national guard help.

The coronavirus response has been way better than the media has made it out to be. 

Oh, and democrats dont have a spine, they run to get elected, not to make change.

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