Author Topic: [Vehicle] RIB speedboat  (Read 2102 times)

A medium-sized, 9-seat powerboat.

Put it in water, it's a boat so it doesn't work on land.

Has neat engine steering animations.
Some code credit to Daniel.S for his sailboat code (this is basically an airplane with no lift).

Download via

Do NOT ask about the playertype driving the boat ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

yep, nothing out of the ordinary to see here. nice boat

logged back in just to say: what the forget

logged back in just to say: what the forget
Good to hear you are impressed by the boat!

Should I be worried?
No, the boat is very reliable and durable.

your motorboat is alright but im more interested in motorboating them titties goddayum

loving amazing boat, dunno what yall are on about

and just like that TAG singlehandedly revives a few BL members

goddamn those 1x1f's can save the loving world

hahaha... BEWBS!!!1!1! aren't i so FUNNY

This is a really nice looking boat! It's just bursting through the screen at me.

errrmmm is it hot in here or is it jutst me * wipes forehead* * tugs collar *