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For those of you who are not familiar with Runescape weapons and armor...

The scimitars deal greater damage and the armor pieces reduce incoming damage based off of the material they're made out of and what type of armor it is.

Any of the ornamental armor sets that end in (t) or (g) or are trimmed based off the ideology of a Runescape god, do NOT provide any advantages.
They're purely cosmetic and have the same exact stats as the non-ornamental equivalent.

Dragon > Rune > Adamant > Mithril > Black > Steel > Iron > Bronze

Full Helms > Med. Helms
Plate Bodies > Chain Bodies

Also, if you want any more RuneScape stuff, check out Gumba Jonny's work.
Dragon Longsword, Iban's Staff, Dark Bow

Scimitar Package
Armor Set Package
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On a serious note, I created a stuff ton of the basic armor sets and weapons from Oldschool RuneScape a while back and figured I'd get around to posting them as I get the free-time to clean them up, fix them up, and package them up properly. So there may be way more to come in the future. I just figured I shouldn't just sit on these and let them fall to the sands of time.

Coming soon...
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will trim armor for free

glad to see that content is still being made for this game. good job on the models

I've been trying to do a RPG similar to runescape's style, this just kicks it up for me now.

Hell yeah brutha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

Wow those armors look great! They really give off that oldschool runescape vibe

those armor sets are NICE
looking forward to the release, good stuff


Spent all morning making inventory icons, sound effects, and packaging everything. The rune scimitar in the Scimitar Package will not overwrite or conflict with the stand-alone rune scimitar that was available for download previously. Although, you shouldn't really be enabling the stand-alone and this package simultaneously in the first place as it's just redundant.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. This will be all for now.

This is so awesome. I hope people keep making Old School Runescape weapons and armor. Dragon Scimitar would be amazing. Also, Barrows armor and weapons would be badass.

those helmets are what the default medieval helmets should have looked like

those helmets are what the default medieval helmets should have looked like
Thankfully because they weren't, Badspot granted us the opportunity to make the helmet ourselves :)

It's kinda crazy if you think about it. If Badspot worked with a lot of us content creators, we could really improve vanilla Blockland.
I respect his decision to not work on Blockland anymore however, considering the age of the game and his new interests. Just glad I was here for the better part of it's life.
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