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Basically just dump any builds/saves you have that you aren't ever gonna use or maybe you don't really play the game anymore or whatever. Too many good builds have been lost due to people losing their saves and/or keeping them to themselves, and it would be good to archive as many as possible.
I had a bunch of really cool saves from prev21 that are now long gone and it makes me wish I saved them. I'm hoping that maybe some of you guys may have some. The builds I remember the most fondly that I could never find again were a massive Victorian Mansion, a luxury yacht, a pretty small, but detailed city rpg that had a subway system, a large City Hall, and a fire station that had opening garage doors (They weren't JVS, instead they made clever use of event delays and brick rendering to make the doors open/close gradually)

Luckily I still have a bunch of my v21 saves from 2012-2017. I almost lost them because they hard drive they were on was starting to fail, and they were almost completely inaccessible for a while until I was eventually able to retrieve them, and here they are:

This was kind of a spur of the moment thread, and I'm not really sure which board I should have put it in, so apologies for that.

doesn't kenko already have an archive for saves? let alone everything?

doesn't kenko already have an archive for saves? let alone everything? also archives saves on top of addons, yes

doesn't kenko already have an archive for saves? let alone everything?
Yes, but thereís still plenty of stuff we donít have.

doesn't kenko already have an archive for saves? let alone everything?
yes but the screenshots and saves sections are fairly lacking in comparison to all the content people have - its a far more unique thing to collect then collecting add-ons
saying "everything" is quite incorrect as the collection can never be truly complete really

if people have collections of saves/screenshots you'd like to put out there for others to enjoy for nostalgia and to help preserve all the fun adventures you had on BL back in the day, let me know and we can get them on the archive. i can filter duplicates and uninteresting ones out for you if you're unable to find the time to sort through it all yourself

planning to still continue building
this is just what ive had from over the years and 3 different computers
there are a lot of great saves in here. a majority of them are things that i've built, but I also try and save what other people make for inspiration. they also arent organized that well at all. i usually sort by date modified

this also has the "rpg" that ive been working on forever and its different variants and remakes
just hope that someone out there can either get inspiration from these or find ways to use these builds

one of the saves in that folder -

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I got a few I think I could post, but they're not worth much. I have a radar station and a base headquarters I know I won't be finishing, so I can post those. I also have a volcano map that I could finish up, since it wouldn't be too hard to complete

Don't worry everyone, I will be releasing Snowy Hills later this year. I just have to make some small changes to the single greatest map I've ever created, and then it'll be all set.
You can find the original topic here:
Scroll down for pictures.

I've also got a Trench Wars map I'm probably going to finish by the end of the year. I'll be sure to post that after I host it.
After that, I've got a city build I've been working on for a while that I wanted to use for an endless zombies server, but I'm not anywhere near finished.