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The Abraham Deluxe is very near for completion, I made convertible and undercover variants, the undercover is similar to the standard car but with a siren on the roof that functions like the one from the Royale.

Man I always love how clean your cars look. Imagine if Blockland had reflections, and you could show off the car's shiny new coat of paint.

Though now I'm wondering... what if we got beater variants of cars? Rusted, steel wheels, much slower, probably smoke from the exhaust...

Great news everyone the Deluxe is released! Check the released add-ons topic to download it!

More news everyone! The Charger Mk2 is finished, and introducing it's Daytona variant!

Not only that but a convertible roof option for the standard Charger as well.

And here's the best part, the car is released! Enjoy!

PLUS! Brand new vehicles in the works! Announcing the Aires Modena commissioned by my friend Mickey, based on the DeTomaso Pantera.

Stuttgart Streiter also commissioned by Mickey, based on the Porsche 917K.

Fujiwan Shogun commissioned by Lemon Tart, based on the Mitsubishi Eclipse

Escargot Mk2, based on the Citroen 2CV.

And more will be revealed shortly!
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Is that a DeTomaso Pantera I see? >.>

The Fujiwan Shogun is released everyone! It's available in my add-ons topic.