Author Topic: The stuffty Superpower Game v4  (Read 10627 times)

except you get transported to an alternate version of our universe every time you use the ability, and with each alternate universe you get teleported to, it gets worse and worse until they all implode in on eachother.

the ability to make anything i want appear out of thin air

But it can only come out of thin air like at the top of a mountain with not that much humidity xD

The power to make anyone have an iq of 1

except you already have that power and it only works on yourself

the ability to control other people's minds and make them do whatever i want.

except you can only do so when they're dead

i want the ability to live forever

you have the ability, but i'm not going to come up with any downsides to it, because it already has some pretty stuffty downsides. everybody you ever knew and loved will die, everything and everywhere you ever knew will one day meet it's demise, and you'll watch the world end, and eventually you'll just be floating around in the infinite darkness. unable to die. forever alone with just your thoughts.

i want the ability to go back and relive my favorite memories/days, kinda like the "replay mission" feature from GTA 5.

but you turn retarted

i can kill people instantly

except they respawn nearby almost instantly, fully aware that you tried to kill them

the ability jump in the air an indefinite amount of times

Gravity still applies so you will eventually become crippled

You can spawn objects like in gmod

There is a limit to the amount of objects you can spawn, and sometimes they will appear as an ERROR

The ability to conjure sandwiches out of thin air

granted but only the ones you hate

the ability to not have this ability have a downside

granted, now what?

the power where people always obey my written orders

granted, now people follow the exact letter of your orders and loophole their way out of it

the power to stuff (HARD)

granted but say hello to hemorrhoids (and goodbye to your colon)

the ability to read minds

granted, but you will only see the most deep, forgeted up thoughts that are in their minds that you couldn't possibly imagine

the power to make it rain whenever i want

But the rain is so powerful it kills anyone near it, and creates floods, also kills you in the proccess

The power.... to become a god