Author Topic: are arena fps games pretty much dead?  (Read 1291 times)

But those aren't Arena FPS games

red faction 2 is but yeah i guess for the most part they are dead

I want tf2s arena mode to come back ;_;

important question: quake 3 or ut99

Best feeling game I'd say is a step in the right direction for arena shooters was Titanfall 2. I think the big reason arena shooters don't stick on the mainstream is the skill ceiling can be reaaaally high, and those games don't really have "matchmaking". Newbies get absolutely blasted and makes it really hard to want to continue.

Have you not played any of the New Blood games? ULTRAKILL, DUSK, and Amid Evil are amazing
ultrakill's rad

there is a new blood game?

we don't talk about blood 2

I miss Sauerbraten. Sometimes I hop on and look around the servers and there are so few people left.

i played half-life deathmatch a few times 5 years ago and it was fun
dunno if its still alive. probably not