Do you like mcdonalds, taco bell, or pizza better?

11 (26.8%)
taco bell
11 (26.8%)
19 (46.3%)

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Author Topic: Do you like mcdonalds, taco bell, or pizza better  (Read 4253 times)

to be fair though there are two different ones near me; one in a mall and one as a standalone. the standalone is literally always full and tends to be gristly but the mall chic fil a is god tier
I find CFA to be somewhat hit or miss depending on location - I have two within walking distance of each other, one has super professional employees and serve great food, one has obnoxious employees that treat the store like it's their hobby and their food has sucked on several occasions. I think this has something to do with CFA's weird hierarchy, some owners really care about their CFA, some don't give a stuff

Ultimately I think I would prefer Zaxby's to CFA if my fries weren't stale by the time they hit the table... but only for their tenders, CFA's menu is more versatile

Taco bell is my jam. Gimmie that loving horse meat all day
just add water

There is a restaurant around my area called "The Willow" they make damn good food and original root beer floats in a chilled glass. Some of the best "fast" food you can get around here for the price
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maybe i don't have enough experience but i have eaten chick-fil-a every wednesday for lunch for 4 years, and not one had i had a bad meal

it's good food, not nearly as unhealthy as, say, mcdonalds or burger king, has a great selection of sauces, and it's holy. what more could want?

see cooks post. ive also had good experiences at the chick fil a in my town the two or three times ive went, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the quality is inconsistent across stores. it didn’t taste like all (only some) of the ingredients were preprocessed and frozen at chain fast food store suppliers like most other fast food places do, which would explain why quality can be inconsistent if my feeling is correct
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mcdonald dirt cheap stuff food large quantities. so mcdnlds

>family gets chic fil a
>order is 4 nugget meals

>we get the food and get home
>they only put in 2 straws for 3 drinks
>there's only 1 nugget meal and the other 3 are tenders for no reason

i changed my mind. chic fil a loving sucks
remember to check ur order before leaving the restaurant ppl!

i've literally never once had cfa get an order right

the tenders were okay actually :D

cfa be like: oh you ordered a 4 piece nugget, fries, and coke? here's your order, mac and cheese, a plain chicken sandwich, and a unsweet tea

mcdonald dirt cheap stuff food large quantities. so mcdnlds
how much dollars is a big mac?

Dominos is alright but we don't have taco bell here so I'm a bit biased.

Dominos is alright but we don't have taco bell here so I'm a bit biased.
dominos is bottom of the barrel pizza, its ok but theres soooo many other cheaper and better local places

local pizza is 90% better than huge chains on average

awkward blocklanders be like Guess I'll just leave without saying anything because trying to choke out "Hey, my order is wrong" is too much for my anxiety