Keep uploading both on Glass and BL Online or just one?

Only BL Online, more convinient and faster updates (my choice)
2 (10.5%)
Only Glass, but it takes much longer for add-ons and updates to release
1 (5.3%)
Keep Both
16 (84.2%)

Total Members Voted: 19

Author Topic: Filipe1020's New Add-Ons - Shogun Released! (Page 3)  (Read 3136 times)

I updated all of my cars available here, some of them received more details and tweaks like the Carrera which now has a more detailed interior and the Stuttgart badge, but most importantly they now all uses the engine sounds support! Bear in mind that if you downloaded them in Blockland Glass it will take some time for the update to be approved, but in Blockland Online it's instant and already available!

true gamers remember og hydric sounds

The new Abraham Deluxe is released! Commissioned by my friend Corpora1Bird, it includes a cabrio and undercover variants too.
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The Charger Mk2 also got released everyone! Including a Police and Daytona variants, enjoy!
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The Fujiwan Shogun is released everyone!
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