Keep uploading both on Glass and BL Online or just one?

Only BL Online, more convinient and faster updates (my choice)
5 (15.6%)
Only Glass, but it takes much longer for add-ons and updates to release
1 (3.1%)
Keep Both
26 (81.3%)

Total Members Voted: 32

Author Topic: Filipe1020's New Add-Ons - Avant Voiture Released! (Page 4)  (Read 7087 times)

I'm loving the cars Filipe! Keep it up!

The Dalton Bronx is released everyone! And not only that, most the cars in this topic received an update to support horns! Thanks Nighthawk for providing the script, next time you boot up the game you'll be notified to update the cars.
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The Avant Voiture, the french sedan commissioned by Corpora1Bird is now released! It also includes a wagon, police and Dakar variants, enjoy!

Glad to see my Voiture. :)
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