Author Topic: [NEWS] EVAR OWNS CHILD research TWITTER, DEFENDED BY BRICKADIA DEVS  (Read 32057 times)

i'm fairly certain a lot of people will still condemn them over this, though. all i wanna chip in is that you definitely shouldn't call it child research because that is magnitudes worse than this (the fetish isn't particularily tasteful either, though)
This is the mindset of a
okay dude lol have fun. gonna go back to distancing myself from this asylum of a forum
Your children await you in the dungeon.

everyone here knows that you don't make friends, you just get chummy with people for power and then lash out at them when they don't give it to you. friendship is more than just power- its respect, something that you severely lack, for others and yourself. you can literally keep doing this routine until not a single person on earth trusts you, not even your other 'friends' who at that point are just fellow sociopaths who view you as a means to an end, just like you view them. is that really what you want?

eventually you're going to find yourself on the other end of the barrel celau. at that point no amount of gore spam is going to save your fragile ego

Attention Kostmondays and Brickadia child rapists, I will allow you safe passage into Wisconsin under the pretense that you change your forum account passwords to gibberish and log out. That is my final offer. Simply walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.

celau, the kid who is directly responsible for killing off blockland is irrationally angry for being outcasted in it's reincarnation. I hope in 3 years when you become an unfunctional deranged adult and decide to massacre some grocery store with your stepdads AR that your only legacy is being number one on the uncyclopedias list of worst mass shooters from only wounding 3 people and tripping over a bag of grapes and misfire right smack center of your forehead

celau's legendary double barreled shotgun, the child enthusiast popper

best. game. ever. period.

What a joke Brickadia is

Don't let this distract you from the fact that Ipquarx (child enthusiast and groomer) (biden supporter) is posting in the politics thread as we speak.

hi guys Lol
i was permanently banned from brickadia discord for saying "poop" a year ago they're epic :cookieMonster: