Author Topic: i might of connected the oldest computer i own to the internet  (Read 1129 times)

spent a week trying to get all the software in motion (and my mac emulator so i can make virtual floppies to transfer them over) but TCP/IP works on my 1989 macintosh.

tempted to grab gifhelper and see if it will load the images too...

figured i'd share this here hahahah.

blockland forums on the macintosh se, surprised cloudflare didnt get in the way lol
good stuff, my oldest pc is a windows me system circa 2001 and i kind of want to set up the dial up modem and browse the forums with it
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Is neat, hope it was fun

blockland forums on the macintosh se, surprised cloudflare didnt get in the way lol
good stuff

so what this does is basically strips CSS (it will work with it but trust me it's just horrible looking) and proxies this from HTTP 1.0 to 1.1. this also gets around the whole HTTPS thing.

macweb 2.0 is the only browser that really supports proxying, so i'm stuck with it. i do have ncsa mosaic as well but no proxy support :(


"how'd ya do it without ethernet or dialup???" serial. yes. SERIAL. a whole whopping 950bytes a second.

my ubuntu server has a RS232 port so i am using this for the target machine, which runs a PPP server. iptables is forwarding everything from PPP to the internet.

things you can do other than very slow web browsing: IRC, Bitlbee (basically pidgin for IRC), Terminal, and TelNet.

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the proper way to go on the blf

Can it play Solitaire?

i have a stuff ton of games on it.

simcity, simearth, civ 1, oregon trail, simant, glider, prince of persia, solitaire, and some others.

others being like the zork trilogy haha.

I just had the dial-up sound go through my head.

ok now this is epic
This is a dead meme, why would you post this

I was going to post this

He did it for the lulz.

yea I can't really remember most dead memes of the top of my head.

Captians log 2165: today I tried to think of a classic "meme" to show the kids I am still funny, I couldn't.

log in and post a response to this topic using the compooter

don't forget to take a photo before u hit post

log in and post a response to this topic using the compooter

don't forget to take a photo before u hit post

i hit a major snag with that for now. turns out all the links on the forums go to the HTTPS version which won't work for me. however i could try the wap2 version of the forum tomorrow after i grab a RS232 to USB adapter.

after i take a 4-5 hour morning nap (sleep) i will be grabbing that adapter as mentioned to move all of this fun stuff to my raspi w zero. i bought it originally just to do this, i figured this would make it totally connectable anywhere. on the bright side if i need to connect my wifi, i can do so via the terminal applications i have to control the pi. also i really don't want it tethered to my server anymore since it draws way more power than i should.

i'm actually like kinda slapping myself and saying, "why didn't i do this before?!?!?!!??!" but oh well. you live and you learn. when i was getting the serial cable for this, i got a random one off of newegg for like 30 bucks and it works, but i also bought another one because the first cable i mentioned didn't show up until like 2 months later. not kidding.

down the road i am planning to take this to vintage shows and show it off, 2020 kind of ruined that plan (got it late 2019) so it gave me time to get random stuff like new ADB cables, a floppy emu, a SCSI2SD, new batteries (i got two so i can put one in my iMac as well) so at least i know the thing has life in it. the caps are fine (like AMAZING condition) and no real bad things but a new floppy drive.

here's something else i did to make you happy. it's on par with me posting anything to the forums from the mac.

EDIT: i also changed my forum avatar back to the classic one i've used for years.  :cookieMonster:

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