Author Topic: gm_highway map?  (Read 961 times)

Considering people have made static maps such as Spyglass, a remake of Slopes, the city of Cambridge, etc., I was wondering if anyone could make/port a good driving map like gm_highway or gm_fork. I don't know if there's a limit though when it comes to map sizes, polygons, etc.

gm_fork would take like 4 years to load

That's what I figured lol. But for me when I host it loads the same time for me regardless of map so eh. I don't know, just any good racing map would be good. I'd use the Mario Kart maps like RR and that tree one but the transparency is forgeted on both of them, on the tree one everything glitches the forget out.

gm_fork would take more than 4 years to load
youd be better off making it a required addon to join with the load speeds youd get

so, in my experience of using the static maps. they suck, they are slow as hell and only chad computers are capable of handling a freebuild of like 10k in a static map at a stable framerate.

not to mention they look horrifying and out of place in when the old lighting engine is ripped from it. they are an empty hollowed shell of what the old version contained. a gmod map that huge would probably make torque explode. right from the beginning you are dedicating more resources to the map than the bricks itself. v20 managed to make maps feels transparent in performance and I feel that is why they were a success.