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What the title said, what headphones/headsets do you use, and are they any good? Looking for something decent for myself. Right now I got a pair of Corsair VOID PRO's, and they're serviceable, but the software that comes with them is pretty iffy and occasionally straight up garbage. Any help would be appreciated.

35 dollar Sony Bluetooth earbutts

4 dollar earbuds from a dollar store

$25 Etekcity Scroll H5Gx headset

the mic is strangely amazing on em

tho, the next headset i want is the Redragon Zeus h510

4 dollar earbuds from a dollar store
I actually bought earbuds from circle k once that were like 5 dollars and they literally didnt work. They exist just to take your money.

Sennheiser urbanite xl for big boy earcups
Audio technica AT2020 for big boy gain
oh and also steinberg ur 22 mk2 as interface

logitech g230 on the verge of death

some beyerdynamics i stole from where I play fhorn. Mic audio-technica at2020

used to use mdrv6's as headphones before they broke
sm57 as a mic

hyperx cloud 2 and airpods because im the most generic person to ever live
edit: blue yeti nano's my mic
logitech g230 on the verge of death
the plastic on the g230 i used to use is horribly cracked lol
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logitech g series is great but yeah the plastic breaks so god damn easily I use g433's though which are like a more portable version made differently and they've lasted me pretty long so far. but honestly I think the sound quality is different and if these end up breaking I'm probably gonna go back to the g432's or go for a different headset entirely. my issue is I have large ears with really sensitive cartilage so unless my ears are completely encased in the headset without touching it, my ears start to hurt really bad quickly. and a lot of headsets just aren't large enough to encase my whole ears
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