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A giant long-range jet airliner with a huge amount of interactive fancy features.

  • Seats 12 passengers, 1 pilot and 1 copilot (I know you were expecting more but Blockland has a 32-empty limit and I needed the other 18 for fancy stuff)
  • Flies like a more realistic jet. Give her a big runway and don't bump in to stuff at any speed
  • Moving control surfaces. If you pitch up, the elevators pitch up; if you roll, the ailerons roll; if you yaw, the rudder yaws
  • Flight and ground spoilers (press and hold spacebar) to reduce speed in the air and on the ground
  • Flap extension and retraction
  • Animated gear extension and retraction (click the lever with the 3 green/red lights above it in the roosterpit)
  • Engine contrails at sufficient speed
  • Wingtip vortices at sufficient angle of attack
  • Openable cabin doors (click any of the 4 doors, only works when plane isn't moving)
  • Engine sounds that have a higher pitch as you speed up the airliner
  • An infinite amount of different possible liveries using the VEH system (look at an airliner and type /veh)
  • 3 different wingtip options using the VEH system
  • Working artificial horizon in the roosterpit
  • Working heading indicator in the roosterpit
  • A bunch of alarms that blare at you for overspeeding, stalling or running low on fuel (compatible with vehicle gas mod, see bottom of post)
  • Probably too detailed for Blockland's style but hey I like making this stuff and I like Blockland so why not

Wingtip devices

Left-to-right: Normal boring stubby wingtips, sharklet blended winglets, scimitar split blended winglets


Properly modeled high bypass engine interior with spinny blades

Flaps and leading edge high lift devices

Left-to-right: Flaps, spoilers and slats stowed; flaps and slats deployed; flaps, slats and spoilers deployed


Left-to-right: roosterpit, business class, economy class. I wanted to add more detail here but ran in to the 21K tri limit.

Beauty shots

Some example liveries you could make

Left-to-right: Generic white, KLM, Ryanair, custom TheArmyGuy-yellow

This addon works well on its own, but works even better with some supporting add-ons. These add-ons will enhance your experience with this airplane. Please also download:
Interactive Vehicle Support - - Without this you won't be able to raise the gear or open the doors
Vehicle Dismount Support - - This puts your player just outside the front left door instead of in the middle of the plane when dismounting

The download of the vehicle itself (via

Note: in the add-ons list, the vehicle is called Vehicle_SevenThreeSeven since 'Airliner' is CRC banned and I don't like numbers in add-on names.
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god DAMN

absolutely stunning job

Love the KLM and Ryanair inspired paintjobs!
Fantastic work!!!

This is the magnum opus of air vehicles in Blockland, incredible work man!

awesome quality as usual, keep it up

You're turning this game into a flight sim and I love it.