Author Topic: what pizza toppings are the best  (Read 4265 times)

Anything except pineapple obviously.

honestly pineapple haters just need to try it, and if they already have try it with some other toppings

i prefer no toppings at all, i tried eating it with salami but it felt to greasy, i tried with eggs but it tasted like sand, and i don't like olives at all

pineapple is fine but def not the best

fresh garlic or a nice supreme pizza are my go to
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just pepperoni or sometimes olives

pepperoni and green peppers mushrooms olives chives

forget this thread for making me hungry for pizza at 1:21 am

for that im saying reduced fat milk with chunks of butter

Well alright then, watermelon, sardines and sweet relish.

Am I doinitrite?

spinach + lots of cheese

any kind of veggie combo (like bell pepper, onion, black olives) with sausage

also, i unironically enjoy pineapple on pizza. papa johns has some banger hawaiian pizza