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Author Topic: How Do You Dry  (Read 443 times)

disregard if bald you are not welcome here; kjing neptune

i pat excess water off with a towel but other than that i let it air dry

put a fan on full blast and just sit in front of it

i pat it with a used shirt

i use towels and then let air do the rest of the work

i just towel dry my body and air dry my hair

i've heard of people just straight up not using towels and like just putting on clothes and honestly that sounds horrifying


shove side of towel on hair

scrub like a madman for a minute

boom hair dry

Literally like a wet dog if it's shorter, obviously before opening the curtain, but when it's too long I ring it out, then towel, then air.

i also did that when i had long hair but i cut that stuff off

I'm pretty alright thanks