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that paint job is insanely good goddamn

that paint job is insanely good goddamn
Thanks king

For my next project I spend 30 minutes creating a single PE part that are way too small and are slowing driving me insane

Also custom weld lines

I will keep replying to my own thread forget you
its built done except the side skirts and front mud flaps

I have one I need to finish
And now I have an airbrush to paint it with

Just found it I started this thing at least 10 years ago (lol I'm old  :panda: )
......and I used plain super glue  :panda: well it's not that bad
But ffffffff those tiny little track pieces! There's only about 4 left and then all the outer wheels or whatever they are

And yes, apparently I'm still keeping up that stupid typing facade, for whatever reason lol.
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