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I am currently trying to find more information about these entries on Carzybooze's iceberg.  I can't find anything on google:

"Blockland folder deleter"

"Headache mod"

"Dox Machine"

"Bootes Void Algorithm"

"System_golfing" (Minigolf gamemode??)

"Hata's theoretical vector mathematics"

"Blindness Simulator"

"Autocannibilism mod"

If anyone has any idea of what any of these might be let me know!

Almost forgot, I found this but the link is dead:

These all seem to be related somehow but IDK. 
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wait this is unrelated but that thread mentions that the person that leaked the tf2 source code was Maxx?? the same Maxx on this forum? LMFAO

Blockland folder deleter is talking about this

Later on I had to ban this guy because he posted "TouchManiaInstaller.exe", claiming it was a game he made, but it was a malicious program that deleted your Blockland folder.  Really nudges your noggin noodle.

Hatas theoretical vector mathematics is a joke about how tommybricksetti (Hata) infamously bragged about how very complicated the vector math and physics were in his grapple hook mod

Alright, I'm looking forward to it. Just to be clear though, the part that makes the player actually swing was very complicated vector math and physics. We both know you couldn't code anything like that, so don't even bother trying to minimize how difficult a task it was for me to make it work the way it does.

And i think system_golfing has to do with whatever golf rumors is, a conspiracy theory that another member of the same clan seems to have some knowlege of

Golf rumors. Don't look it up. People came to my house.
Don't loving remind me about Golf Rumors ever again

EDIT Don't know if this came off as a stuff post or something, but DO NOT research the golf rumors conspiracy. I'm 200% serious. People came to my loving house at 2AM.

farlands rumor is the golf rumors reference - system_golfing is a real thing

wasnt there some minigolf gamemode that zapk made
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farlands rumor is the golf rumors reference - system_golfing is a real thing

I feel like I actually almost remember something about "the farlands"