Author Topic: Have you ever broken a bone (Not snake bone)  (Read 4627 times)

I fractured my left Tibia skiing when I was younger, then I broke my collar bone rollerblading drunk and I've broken a couple ribs in a particularly heated debate.
Also broke my toe I think somewhere in there when I stubbed it, had to shift it back and it made some gross grinding sounds so it was probably broken lol

Tibia: Not super painful unless you accidently step on it, takes loving forever to heal though and you're entirely useless without crutches
Collar bone: Gotta wear a sling which never seems to hold your arm right, really hard to heal seemingly and still hurts a year later, I think it's kinda permanent. Worst part is how it shifts around when you look left and right.
Ribs: EZPZ, hurts sometimes though and seems to also heal fairly slowly.

Anyone else?

ive never broken a bone before so at this point im just waiting for it to happen

i did sprain my ankle really bad though which was like a week and a half of swollen agony

ive chipped a tooth that technically counts

nope, had some other injuries but never a broken bone, unless you count one time when my brother broke one of my teeth.

ive broken my finger and tore my ACL both by playing basketball. the ACL tear hurt a forgetton more tho

never broken nor sprained a bone or joint

worst injury was when I was like 5, I was jumping on the couch with my cousin and I jumped off and hit my eyebrow on the edge of a glass coffee table

I needed stitches, and I still have the scar :^)

literally the same thing happened to me INH holy stuff

the only difference is I was like 3 and it was the kitchen island

early childhood head injury gang

Several times throughout my childhood, i've hit my head on various hard objects, like tables, metal bed frames, and fell flat on my face on a hardwood floor and broke a few baby teeth, and then on security bars on a window much later on in my late 'teens, but no sustained/permanent head injuries from any of these accidents

I've also slipped and fallen down stairs a several times with no major injuries, but i do have a small scar on my shoulder from my cat who tore into my skin while racing around the room ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

nope, had some other injuries but never a broken bone, unless you count one time when my brother broke one of my teeth.

If that's how it is technically you broke my tooth

early childhood head injury gang

They literally put a screw into my skull and a suction cup on my head to pull me out into this world

Other than that I think I may have fractured a finger once because it's got this crazy lump on the joint that hurts me from time to time

also got a scar literally next to my eye from me as a kid hitting a corner of a cabinet

almost blinded myself in one eye for life

only time i broke a bone was my left wrist, when i jumped my backyard fence cause i couldnt find my keys. worked out in my favor as the pain kept me awake through the SAT’s two days later.

early childhood head injury gang
I figure the odds are high most of us have brain damage.

broke an arm as a baby, apparently i fell off a bed wrong

I broke both my wrists and had several injuries on both my elbows as well after jumping off a bed when I was 7 thinking I was superman and could fly. I didn't go to the clinic nor the hospital after the incident and "naturally" recovered. Now I'm able to make my wrist go limp and move it around like an inflatable man with their arms, and bend my elbow forward

i only broke my arm once, i accidentally punched a wall pretty hard when i wanted to hit something else